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Dr. Ann Marie

Doctor at
Werribee VIC

Dr. Sneha

Evoca Clinical Director & Doctor at Bondi NSW

Dr. Myra

Doctor at
Werribee VIC

Who We Are

We know that at various ages and stages of life, women will seek out a GP with specific experience in women’s health for that extra bit of specialised care.

At Evoca, we have handpicked GPs across Australia who offer personalised care in all areas of women’s health from contraception, endometriosis, fertility and pregnancy to menopause and everything in between.

Supporting the GPs and their patients is a multidisciplinary team of women’s health professionals including physios, dieticians, nurses, and specialists, so that evoca offers you a holistic approach to care.

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How we do it


with you about your goals and challenges and dive deeper into your health concerns


inform and guide you on all your available options


you to make the choices that are right for you and if required connect you with a broader set of healthcare professionals in your local community

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