What mode of antenatal care is best?1

Generally speaking there are three main modes of antenatal care delivery which women can choose from in Australia

  1. Shared care
  2. Midwifery group care
  3. Private obstetric care

The GPs at Evoca Women’s Health are able to support you in whatever choice you make regarding the above modes of care. The shared care model – whereby the care is shared between the GP and the midwifery and obstetric team at the hospital or in the community setting – means that your GP can still provide ongoing and postnatal care following the delivery. This valuable insight can make a big difference as you navigate life as a new parent and indeed into further pregnancies.


1 Reference: https://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/health/servicesandsupport/gps-shared-care-and-pregnancy

Are antenatal classes worthwhile?

Antenatal classes are beneficial for both partners as they provide valuable insight into the stages of pregnancy and how the body changes during the pregnancy journey. They are especially beneficial if you are going to be new parents. Additionally, the classes help you understand the labour process and how you might choose to navigate that as well as breastfeeding and preparation for life postnatally when your baby has arrived.

When should I make the first appointment after I’ve had a positive pregnancy test?

As soon as you have returned a positive home pregnancy test, or a positive test from another health care practitioner, you should book an appointment with a shared care GP to start your antenatal journey.