When should I commence mammographic screening?1

  • Breast screening by mammogram is focused around women aged between 50 and 74y
  • Women aged 40-49y may access screening mammography if they have no symptoms 
  • Women over the age of 74y can access screening mammography but should discuss it with a doctor first


1 Reference: https://www.breastscreen.nsw.gov.au/about-screening-mammograms/am-i-eligible-for-a-mammogram#:~:text=priority%20for%20you.-,Breast%20screening%20is%20recommended%20for%20women%20aged%2050%2D74,until%20the%20age%20of%2074.


What breast changes should I be aware of?

  • Lumps
  • Pain
  • Skin changes (tethering/puckering)
  • Nipple discharge
  • New asymmetry