How long does a contraceptive fitting take?

The fitting procedure only takes a few minutes, and you will be able to go home straight afterward. Your GP will routinely review you a month after the fitting to ensure all is going well and that you aren’t having any problems post insertion.

Does the contraceptive implant cause weight gain?

No, studies have consistently failed to demonstrate conclusively that the contraceptive implant causes weight gain.

Will the IUD or implant make my periods more heavy or painful?

The hormonal IUDs release a small amount of progesterone which thins the lining of the womb. This can make periods lighter, or sometimes even disappear, despite ongoing ovulation.

The copper IUD generally doesn’t change the cycle but can, in a small proportion of women, cause increased bleeding.

Will my partner be able to feel the IUD threads?

No, your partner should not feel the threads. Sometimes the threads may be a little long post insertion and we can trim these at your check-up visit, 1 month after insertion.

Is the IUD painful?

Inserting of the IUD involves a brief period of discomfort during the procedure, but after this and once the device has settled, you should not experience ongoing pain or discomfort.

Is the IUD only for women who have had children?

No, IUDs can be inserted in any woman who is sexually active and does not have an abnormality of her vagina, cervix or uterus. The Kyleena is a specially developed smaller sized IUD designed to fit in women who have not given birth.

Does taking the pill make you infertile?

No, but the combined pill (with estrogen and progesterone) stops ovulation, so with prolonged use, it can take time after stopping for ovulation to return – this can be up to 12 months.