Does MHT (menopause hormonal treatment of HRT) cause breast cancer?1

  • Many studies on HRT which have been published in the last decade highlight the potential risks of undergoing such a therapy, particularly around the incidence of breast cancer. However, recent evidence demonstrates that the risk of breast cancer from hormonal therapy is small, and in many cases the benefits of using therapy outweigh the risks.
  • There is little or no change in the background risk of breast cancer if estrogen only hormonal therapy is used. This is used in women who no longer have a uterus and therefore do not require additional progesterone therapy.
  • Combined hormonal therapy (estrogen and progesterone) can be associated with a small increase in breast cancer risk, though this increase in risk is also related to how long hormonal therapy is used, and the risk reduces when hormonal therapy use is ceased.
  • Hormonal therapy should be discussed with your doctor and reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that an appropriate dosing and regime is used.  

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Why does libido reduce in the peri/menopause?2

Active ovaries release estrogen and testosterone into the body. While these hormones are critical for certain physiological functions, they also contribute significantly to a sense of female wellbeing. In menopause, the ovaries decline in function and eventually cease to function. As part of this decline, estrogen and testosterone levels fall. Testosterone is a critical hormone for sexual desire and libido. As levels fall so too does libido. While replacing testosterone in women has risks and is not yet straightforward, there are other lifestyle and psychological measures which can support some measure of increased libido.

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What are the symptoms of the peri/menopause?

Symptoms of menopause are multiple and varied but broadly include:

  •            Hot flushes
  •            Night sweats
  •            Sleep disturbance
  •            Anxiety
  •            Depression
  •            “Brain fog”
  •            Low libido
  •            Vaginal dryness
  •            Joint pains
  •            Fatigue
  •            Reduced energy levels